Going Out: Part One

paws4caws | Daily,Isis,Ollie | Thursday, 20 August 2009

“Pssssssssssst, Isis. Look, the door’s open just a crack!”
“Don’t even think about it, Ollie. He’ll get upset.”
“Naw, it’ll be okay. Just a romp about the yard. I’m sure he won’t mind.”
“Well, okay. But just a bit. Uh, how do we open the door wider?”
“Use your head, silly!”
(Isis uses her head to get the door open more and they both squeeze thru.)
“That isn’t what I meant, but it will do!”
“Picky, picky.”
“Look at him. He’s over there on that wooden table with the smaller computer thing. I’m gonna have a look around.”
“Ollie, you said just a romp around the yard! Hey, where do you think you’re going?!”
“I’d be crazy to pass this up. See ya later.”
“Ollie, come back here this minute!!” OLLIE!”

To be continued…..

The Bumps

paws4caws | Isis | Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ollie: The Spud says he’s found a small lump on my chin and is making a sound that sounds like Vet.
I am not looking forward to this.
Maybe by purring in his face and rubbing up against his legs, he’ll forget about it.

Sockington’s Theme

paws4caws | Daily,Isis,Ollie | Sunday, 12 July 2009

“We would like to post this song in honor of our good friend, Sockington.”
Isis: “Hopefully Pennycat will get one, too.”
Ollie: “Oh, shutup about that!”
Isis coughs up a hairball showing Ollie what she thinks of him at this moment.

Sockington’s Theme


paws4caws | Daily,Isis,Ollie | Saturday, 11 July 2009

YAY! Socks is alright. He just got spooked by something and hid in a tumble of curtains.
Nice to know he is in lovinfg arms again ansd ecovering from….whatever.


paws4caws | Daily,Isis,Ollie | Saturday, 11 July 2009

We just heard the very upsetting news that Sockington has been kidnapped!
To the people or person who did this: please return Sockington safe and sound to Jason and Penny.
We are praying for his safe return.

What I’m Doing Now

paws4caws | Isis | Friday, 10 July 2009

Isis: “I see that our 2 Legger is in his office again at his computer doing what work he usually does. I’ll just come on in and see about getting some attention.
(Peeks over leg) ‘Purrrrrrr?’
Scott: “Oh, Hello Isis.”
(Leap, hugged, stroked…sniff…sniff….)”What’s this that sits upon your head?”
“!!! What the….??!”
Scott: “I had to get that last piece of matted fur from when you got into the trash can and got something sticky on ya.”
(Grumble…sits up…..)
“Oh! Goodie. Off to the Windowsill. Bye.”

The Combatants

paws4caws | Isis | Thursday, 09 July 2009

Ollie for Socks Army

Isis Penny's Army


paws4caws | Isis | Thursday, 09 July 2009

Isis: “?? Hey, what’s with the fatigues?”
Ollie: “I’ve enlisted.”
Isis: “Enlisted? In what?”
Ollie: “Socks Army.”
Isis: “WHAT? You treacherous twit!”
Ollie: “Oh, but I thought…”
Isis: “Wrong!”
Ollie: “You mean….?
Isis: “Yes! I’ve joined the Penny Brigade!”
Ollie: “Inconceivable!”
Isis: “And Penny has the Hardware. Sockington doesn’t have squat!”
Ollie: “This is an insufferable affrontery!”
Isis: “Off with ya! I have a book to read.”
Ollie: “What book?”
Isis: “Patton: A Soldier’s Life”.

Grooming Battle

paws4caws | Isis | Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ollie: “Awwww, poor Isis. Did you get your hair snipped because of the stuff you got on it? Here, let me help. (Lick, groom, wash…)
Isis: “Oh, lay off!”
Ollie: “Hey, I’m just tryin’ to…”
Isis: “Away with you, peasant!”
Ollie: “Oh, so Miss Priss needs an attitude adjustment, ay?” bop. bop.
Isis: “Rewwrrr!” BOP! POW!
Ollie: POW! Roll. BOP! Stomach grab!
Isis: “Alright, I submit. For now. But watch your tush!”
Ollie: “I vanquish thee! This feels good.”
Isis: “Piss off!”
Ollie: BOP!
Isis: SWIPE!
Ollie: “Hey, I might not have any front claws but check out this hind leg action!”
Bop! Roll! Swipe! Grab! Bite! POW! Mmmfff!
Spud: “Hahahahaha!”
Ollie: “Cool it! He’s going for the camera.”
Isis: “Right. I’ll stay here.”
Ollie: “I’ll lay down on the comforter.”
Ollie and Isis: “Oh, hi Spud. Anything exciting happening today?”

Interview with Ollie and Isis: Part 2

paws4caws | Daily,Isis,Ollie | Sunday, 31 May 2009

The cats, Tonisha and Adrian take a short break for some water and tea, respectively and then return to the Interview.

Tonisha: What is your life long goal?
Tonisha: What do you like to do to tease your humans?
Tonisha: Where do you like to sleep most?
Ollie: Hold up a minute! I’ll answer your last question first.
Tonisha: Okay.
Ollie: Where do I like to sleep most? In Scott’s bed, of course. It affords the most room and comfort.
Tonisha: I agree.
Isis: I like to sleep on the floor in front of the entry foyer on the carpet.
Tonisha: What is your favorite thing to chase?
Isis: Me? Well, there is this strange red point of light that really gets me going. It seems to have a mind of its own.
Tonisha: Oh yes! I know that has entertained cats for many a time.
Isis: Where it comes from I have no idea.
Tonisha: Do you have any favorite insects?
Isis: It goes under the crack in the door and floor and I have to try and reach in there and grab it to pull it back out again.
Adrian Sloane: Ollie: Crickets are interesting to watch…..and play with….but….
Isis: Well, they get worn out too easily and get all still and stop moving!
Adrian Sloane: That’s because they’re dead!
Ollie and Isis stop and look at Adrian in shock!
Tonisha laughs.
Ollie looks back at isis and shrugs.
Isis laughs.
Ollie sits back and looks at Terry expectantly.
Tonisha: *has to stop giggling*
Tonisha: *ahem*
Tonisha: What is your favorite TV show?
Ollie: Oh….uh…..what is a TV?
Tonisha: It’s a box with pictures on it and if you have a favorite song or movie, I would love to know, such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or any Cat Stevens or Garfield might be a hero
Ollie: Oh! Sounds come out of it?
Tonisha: And images
Ollie: Oh yes, well, I’ve not heard of this Cat Stevens fellow, but he must be rather honorable if he is in the main stream of things.
Isis: Is he an Alpha Male?
Oh! Garfield is our viersion of Dick Tracy. ‘Oh, I can hardly wait to see what happens to Garfield!’”
Tonisha: Is there anything you like most to chew on?
Ollie (slightly embarrassed) My…..uh….toenails.
Tonisha giggles.
Tonisha: At least its not Isis’s ears.
Isis: Oh, contraire!
Tonisha smiles.
Ollie: (sigh) Well, here we go again. I was trying to remove the flea from the inside of your ear!
Isis (annoyed and haughty): A likely story.
Tonisha giggles.
(Ollie looks out the window and sees to his delight that some birds have arrived.)
Ollie: Well, thank you. This has been a lovely interview.
Tonisha: It has!
Isis: Enjoyable, but much too short.
Tonisha: You were both great.
Tonisha scritches both cats behind their ears.
(Both cats purr in unison)
(The cats say their goodbyes and depart from the area.)
Adrian Sloane: Thank you, Ollie and Isis. Well done.


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