The very name speaks of Hollywood Royalty (if there is such a thing).
The Barrymore Family of actors has existed for over 4 generations, and as you all know, continues with the celebrated career of Drew Barrymore.
Visitors to the Barrymore mansion during the 1970's frequently reported seeing the ghosts of John, Lionel, and Ethyl. In addition to these famous apparitions, the estate is haunted by the ghost of a man who died in a cable car accident on the property.
Another unusual incident involved an old cuckoo clock that belonged to John Barrymore. John Barrymore's last words were reportedly, "Die? I should say not, dear fellow. No Barrymore would allow such a conventional thing to happen to him." When John died, his friend Gene Fowler decided to position the hands of the broken clock at the time of his friend's death as a sort of tribute. When he went to set the clock, however, Fowler discovered that the hands on the clock were already at 10:20 p.m., which was the exact moment of John Barrymore's death.
But the adventures of the late John Barrymore did not end with his death. While Barrymore's body awaited burial, a few of Barrymore's friends got together in the dead of night and went out to the funeral home. Once there, they gave the attending mortician a rather large amount of money to look the other way and to keep his mouth shut while the friends stole Barrymore's body! They took the body to the house of Errol Flynn, sat him down in his favorite chair in the parlor, put a drink in his hand....and left the house!! Later that same night, Flynn returned to his house from a night on the town. Still grieving for his friend, Flynn decided to have a drink in the Parlor to drink to his friend before retiring for the night. He went into the parlor, turned the lights on and turned around to see John Barrymore, sitting in his favorite chair with a drink in his hand and his eyes open. Scared wittless, Flynn fled from the house, aghast!
Barrymore's body was returned to the Mortuary under extremely tight security to make sure that the Papers didn't find out. The perpetrators of the theft of Barrymore's body got their hands slapped and were scolded by the Judge, but the case was completely forgotten. Money no doubt changed hands again. Barrynore's body was eventually taken to the family cemetery in Pennsylvania and re-interred there.
The Barrymore Estate is located at 6 Beverly Grove in Beverly Hills, California.