Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino still haunts his former estate, Falcon's Lair, as well as Hollywood Forever Cemetery (in the Cathedral Mausoleum where he is interred in crypt 1205) because he had unfinished business at the time of his death. He was set to star in a movie called "The Hooded Falcon" to play the part of "El Cid". This was his obsession. The project fell apart when his wife and fellow Producer of the movie, Natacha Rambova, suddenly left him. This must have been what lead to his perforated ulcer which finally resulted in his death. He died on August 23, 1926 with his dog Kabar (a Great Dane) by his bedside. The story goes that when Valentino's spirit passed into the Afterlife, the dog began to howl mournfully, as though sensing his masters farewell. Valentino's body was shipped from New York City back to Hollywood where his emaciated body lay in state for his thousands of fans to view. Ever since his death, a mysterious Lady In Black has made visits to his crypt to leave roses. To this day, no one knows the true identity of the original LIB, though some speculate that it was Valentino's first wife. Others speculate that it is the ghost of a woman who idolized Valentino as a young girl and became ill. Valentino went to see this girl in the hospital one day, bringing her roses. She told Valentino that she would die soon but he gently rebuked her, saying that she would outlive him. Valentino's restless ghost has also been seen walking the studio lot of Paramount Studios which is right behind Hollywood Forever. A Security Guard once reported seeing a man of about 30 years of age walking on the studio grounds after the studio was closed. He told the man that the studio was closed, so the man tipped his hat to the guard and walked thru the wall...back into the cemetery.
In regard to Valentino's dog, Kabar, he too haunts the cemetery where he rests, the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery where Hollywood Celebs have buried their beloved pets. Petey, the cute dog from "The Little Rascals" rests there, as does Mary Pickford's dog and Hopalong Cassidy's Horse. It is Kabar, Valentino's Great Dane, who does the most haunting here, however. Kabar died in 1929, three years after his master. Its playful ghost has been reported being heard panting or even licking those who wander near his grave.

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