The Return of the Sheik

As some of you may recall from your Hollywood history, Rudolph Valentino passed from this life at the age of 31 on August 23, 1926 of peritonitis, following an operation to remove his inflamed appendix. However, there are some who swear that Valentino is not at rest, for he has allegedly been seen at his former residence, the legendary Falcon's Lair, at Hollywood Forever and at the ajoining Paramount Studios. Even as late as April of 1989, he was reportedly seen in the old Valentino Place Apartments in Hollywood.
According to the report, an actress was living in one of the apartments and she was drifting off to sleep one night when she felt a heavy weight press down onto the side of the bed. It sagged as though someone were sitting on the edge of it while she lay there, too frightened to even move. The weight on the bed became the solid figure of a man and it shifted beside her, moving beneath the thin sheet. The form then slid closer to her, and pressed against her so that she could feel that he was excited. As heavy breathing washed over her, she finally dared to open her eyes. She lifted the sheet and there she saw the face of Rudolph Valentino! She was so terrified that she fainted. When she awakened, the figure was gone, but the bed sheets and pillows were left in a complete disarray and strewn about the room. She fled, never to return.